Hazard•Gard® EVLL Series Explosionproof LED Luminaires

The Class I, Division 1 Hazard•Gard® EVLL LED product offering provides the same durability and reliability of a traditional HID fixture, coupled with the low cost of ownership and energy efficiency of Eaton's LED technology.  High performance LEDs and a solid-state electronic driver provide light where you need it, at a fraction of the operating costs of HID lighting technologies.
  •     Quick-connect design – install and wire the mounting module, then simply screw in the luminaire
  •     Factory sealed – no external sealing fittings required in Groups B, C and D
  •     Adapter available for connection to existing Hazard•Gard® EVI, EVLP and EVM modules
  •     Energy-efficient – up to 62% reduction in energy used versus equivalent HID fixtures
  •     60,000 hours rated life – eliminates need for frequent lamp replacement
  •     Shock- and vibration-resistant solid-state luminaires have no filaments or glass components that could break – greatly reduces the risk of premature failure
  •     T5 temperature rating
  •     5 year fixture warranty*
*Extension of standard terms and conditions to five years.  Refer to the most current authorized distributor price book for Eaton's standard Terms and Conditions.


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