Don’t Compromise on Category 6A Cabling

The benefits of IP convergence are many (fewer maintenance requirements, reduced operations costs, etc.). By investing in a 10Gb/s cabling solution that supports high-density, high-bandwidth applications, you can support excellent network performance and ensure that your convergence investments will work now and in the future.

When selecting a futureproof cabling solution, there are certain cabling characteristics you shouldn’t be willing to compromise on.

High Performance
The cable’s ability to offer noise isolation between pairs and control alien crosstalk are crucial to performance (and the performance of the devices and technology connected to the network). Protection against noise interference and network congestion will minimize disruptive effects and help increase the operational bandwidth of the cabling channel.

But keep in mind that these features – while vital to performance – may add extra bulk to the cabling, which increases labor and installation costs.

Quality Design
The right cabling design features can make installation faster and easier, saving time and money on cabling projects. Look for the following qualities to improve installation simplicity:
  •     Smaller cable diameter (OD) to reduce weight and space requirements
  •     Easy-to-separate pairs that require fewer twists
  •     Easy-to-remove barrier tape and spline
  •     Small bend radius to accommodate tight spaces and workstations
Although these attributes offer long-term financial savings due to faster, easier installation, they sometimes come at a steep upfront price. This sacrfice may require you to weigh the high costs against the time and financial savings you’ll see as a result.

The Right Price
Staying within budget on a cabling project is crucial to the bottom line – but cutting costs can cause problems.

With typical Category 6A cable investments, high upfront costs are frequently expected when you desire high performance, quality design and simple installation. Until now, there hasn’t been a cabling system that combines high performance, quality design and installation ease with an affordable price point.

As a premise horizontal cable for 10G Ethernet applications, Belden’s 10GB24 Category 6A U/UTP Cables combine simple installation with quality mechanical and electrical characteristics at a cost-competitive price. The cabling doesn’t sacrifice performance in order to make installation easier, and doesn’t trade quality design for affordability.

Belden’s 10GB24 Category 6A U/UTP Cables provide building owners with a reliable, high-performance way to futureproof their enterprise networks.


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