Bel Power Solutions' Modular Series of AC-DC Power Supplies expands to include Conformal Coating option and a 1600W Medical Chassis

Bel Fuse Inc. (NASDAQ: BELFA and BELFB), a premier global manufacturer of power management devices, announced today , the expansion of Bel Power Solutions' (BPS) Modular LPM/LMM series to include the 1600W Medically approved supplies. The series now converts 900W and 1600W Industrial and Medical applications, the entire series also now offers the option of Conformal Coating.

The BPS LPM/LMM series is designed for use in applications where quick prototyping and a unique set of voltage and current requirements are needed, with high power density, zero-load operation and low profile, the series is ideal for use in a broad array of applications including Industrial, Test Equipment, Datacom and COTS military as well as Medical applications such as Imaging, Surgical and Diagnostic Equipment, Anesthesiology, Patient beds and Home Healthcare plus Industrial applications such as ATE, Automation and Audio/Broadcast. The power supplies accommodate the universal input voltage of 85-264 VAC (120 VDC to 380 VDC), up to 440 Hz. They are available with 4 or 6 slots for 900W or 1600W configurations, with up to 12 isolated outputs. Flexible output voltages range from 1.5 VDC to 180 VDC. The output voltages are fully protected against overvoltage, overcurrent and short circuit situations, standard unit features include - over-temperature protection, thermal dependent variable speed fans, 5 VDC Aux Output, Fan Fail signal & AC OK. Mating Connections, Cables and Blanking plates are available if required. The supplies are pre-set with default output module setting or with the customer’s desired output settings prior to delivery by utilizing the simple-to-use online configuration tool.

RoHS compliant and CE Marked, the power supplies are safety agency certified per UL and NEMKO and meet the Medical requirements of EN 60601-1, 3rd Edition.


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