Apacer launches brand new ECC-upgraded ultra slim SATA3 SSDs as total solutions for industries

The demand for industrial SSD is increasing significantly as the IoT and the need for mobility sweep across the world. According to Gartner market survey, the demand for relevant devices will increase to 26 billion sets, as the IoT market scale will reach USD1.09 trillion in 2020. Continuing the market heat of its reliable industrial SSDs, Apacer Technology has recently launched two brand new ultra slim industrial SATA3.0 SSDs: the SFD18SH-M complying with the JEDEC MO-297 standard and the mSATA H1-M, compliant with the MO-300 standard. Both models made under 1Ynm process are extremely price competitive for their ultra slim appearance, high speed, high stability, and wide temperature operation for industrial uses. In addition, most IoT devices require long-term, reliable operation in extreme environments and autotronics and medical devices ask for superb quality. Apacer industrial SSDs have passed market challenges, thus standing firm in the IoT, autotronics, medical electronics, and communication component markets and winning customer recognition for their outstanding quality and performance.

With capacity ranging from 16GB to 256GB, both the SFD18SH-M and mSATA H1-M are equipped with the SATA3.0 high-speed interface delivering a continuous read/write speed at 515/180MB respectively. All models within the entire wide temperature range are made with industrial-grade flash chips from original manufacturers to assure reliable and stable disk operation in long-term exposure to sunlight and extremely low temperatures.

To enhance data security, Apacer Technology has improved the ECC (error correcting code) capability to 72bit/1K bytes for both the SFD18SH-M and mSATA H1-M to significantly upgrade data security and stability. To fulfill the industrial demand for longer durability and energy saving, both models support the DEVSLP (Device Sleep) protocol to ensure energy is effectively used in every minute even after entering low-power condition in standby mode.

Building industrial products for “total solution”, Apacer Technology provides a full range of software and hardware support to enhance overall product added value. Both the SFD18SH-M and mSATA H1-M support the Taiwan Excellence Award-winning Apacer SSDWidget real-time monitoring software for Apacer Technology to monitor for users disk status in different time zones and regions with cloud real-time monitoring and diagnosis. Based on individual customer demands, Apacer Technology provides IP57-certified waterproof and dustproof coating service to meet their custom needs.

Cultivating the SSD market for over 15 years, Apacer Technology is one of a few manufacturers capacitated of the integrated R&D of software, hardware and firmware with excellent manufacturing quality and outstanding customization capability. These enable Apacer Technology to become a partner supplying key components for premium quality industrial products.


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