ACL Introduces Gemini and SpecMat-H Dissipative Mats

ACL, Inc. introduces two new dissipative vinyl mats, Gemini and SpecMat-H for workbenches needing static control. The new materials offer high value at a lower cost because they are manufactured domestically in the USA. They are made from thermoplastic vinyl so the electrical resistance is inherent to the material and will not evaporate. Surfaces are embossed to prevent glare and small parts from sliding.

Gemini mats offer dual layer static protection with a dissipative top side and conductive underside that is required for constant monitors. The resistivity of the material is 10e6 – 10e8 ohms per square with a thickness of 065" (1.65mm). Available in royal blue and light gray 50’ rolls with 24”, 30”, and 36” widths.

The SpecMat-H is a single layer homogenous vinyl that offers dissipative volume resistance. The resistivity of the material is 10e8 – 10e9 ohms per square with a thickness of .10” (2.54mm). Available in light blue 40’ rolls with 24”, 30”, and 36” widths.

ACL warrants the electrical specification for the lifetime of every mat we manufacture. Both families use UV additives to provide color stability and are completely recyclable. The formula does not contain substances on the REACH SvHC list or in the RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC.


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