AC/DC Festoon LED & Socket - Excellent for Landscaping and More!

JKL Components Corporation offers the winning combination of the Festoon LED LE-0909-14 and socket 2910F-47. This duo offers the flexibility of working in AC or DC for your project running on 12-24V. 

The small size makes it easy to insert into display cases, retail merchandise shelves and museum cases. The energy-efficient festoon is great for solar power installations and for pathway, step and rail lighting. These products are equally well suited for wiring new projects or for retrofitting existing installations. 

The Festoon has six embedded LEDs and is available in three shades of white, with long lasting efficiency and brightness.  The socket is ready to mount with a center hole and the side tabs offer easy wiring with direct soldering or slip-on terminals.  Detailed technical drawings of the parts are available on the JKL website.


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