Thursday, December 10, 2015


Aavid announces the release of the most thermally conductive gap fillers on the market today by introducing three new lines of premium thermal interface materials. Utilizing Aavid's decades of thermal management expertise these new product lines, SuperThermal™ , SoftFlex™, and WaveBlocker™ offer extremely high thermal conductivity without sacrificing compliancy or workability.

The new lines of thermal gap fillers are designed to increase the performance and capabilities of electronics’
design. Each is specially formulated to support specific application requirements that, when combined with
their high thermal conductivities, will significantly improve functionality.

The first line, Aavid SuperThermal™, offers high thermal conductivity of up to 13.2 watts per meter Kelvin;
the highest in the marketplace! The average thermal conductivity for SuperThermal™ gap fillers is such that
utilizing these pads allows engineers to use smaller thermal solutions or considerably increase performance
without increasing the volume or weight of the solution or device.

The Aavid SoftFlex™ line is composed of 5 materials varying in elasticity, conductivity, cushioning ability
and compliancy. This material is intended for previously unseen flexibility in design and for applications
with multiple device heights. The softness and compressibility makes the SoftFlex™ line the best for
decreasing board strain and for applications with increased shock or vibration.

The Aavid WaveBlocker™ gap filler features high electromagnetic permeability that dampens electromagnetic interference (EMI); therefore optimized for applications requiring high signal accuracy. This extremely unique property enables previously infeasible designs for products such as radios, audio equipment, testing equipment and a huge range of Military and Aerospace applications.

All three lines are offered in various thicknesses and sizes with multiple types of adhesion. Aavid also offers
custom cuts and sizes for specific applications upon request. Currently materials are available for purchase
on the Aavid Estore.

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