60V N-channel Self-Protected IntelliFET Adds Intelligence and Reliability to the Standard MOSFET

Diodes Incorporated has extended the  family of self-protected, low-side IntelliFETs to include the industry standard SO-8 package in single (ZXMS6004N8) and dual (ZXMS6004DN8) configurations.

Unlike standard MOSFET switches, ZXMS6004 integrates both the MOSFET and smart circuitry into a single, thermally-efficient package.

ZXMS6004 is designed to protect both the device and the load, featuring overvoltage, overcurrent, over-temperature and ESD protection functions and can be used as a general purpose switch driven from 3.3V or 5V microcontrollers.
ZXMS6004 is designed for use in harsh environments where standard MOSFETs are not rugged enough. Additionally, savings on component count, PCB size, complexity and overall system cost can be achieved.

ZXMS6004 is ideally suited for a range of consumer and industrial applications. These include lamp, relay and solenoid driving, remote I/O controller outputs, distributed I/O modules, alarm systems, GPS systems and HVAC.
The industry standard SO-8 package is ideally suited for today’s high-speed, fully-automated assembly processes and is fully green and RoHS-compliant. (See diodes.com for further details).


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