Cost-Saving DIN Rail Socket of ELESTA Safety Relays

ELESTA relays GmbH, producer of relays with forcibly guided contacts (safety relays), has presented its new DIN rail mounting socket SRD-SIM4 for its SIM3 and SIM4 ranges of relays.

Particular attention has been paid to meet the specific requirements in the area of safety. Offset connection terminals prevent confusions when connecting the cable harness.

Permanent relay retaining clips are integrated in the mounting base and feature a lifting mechanism for easy removal of the SIM relay. Moreover, the clip is suitable for fastening of safety wires which prevent manipulations at the relay or socket. 

Next to its suitability for mounting on the 35mm DIN rail, the mounting base can also be installed on a plate or in machine housings.

The combination of socket and relay is a cost-effective alternative for additional, safe switching contact outputs, especially where small series, special machines or retrofits are concerned. Simple extensions of the functions are quickly accomplished without major effort.

The SRD-SIM4 socket is laid out for loads up to 6A / 240V AC and suitable for ambient temperatures from -25°C to 70°C. The requirements of combustibility category CTI 250 are complied with and confirmed by UL approvals.


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