Marathon Special Products Motor Terminal Blocks

Marathon Special Products has been an industry leader in electrical/electronic components designed for circuit protection and connection applications for over 60 years.

We are pleased to introduce our new motor terminal blocks. The new motor blocks provide a systematic method to wire electrical motors in the motor’s junction box and allow for circuit management.

These blocks allow for much easier circuit testing and motor replacement over the traditional method of bolts, nuts and insulation. The motor terminal block links can be assembled for either wye or delta wiring configurations. These blocks offered by Marathon Special Products are the only Motor Terminal Blocks with up to 1,000V Rating and are available in amperages up to 520A. To achieve these ratings, wires need to be terminated with UL Listed crimp lugs.

The majority of Marathon’s products have been tested and comply to UL requirements for use with flexible stranded wires, have short-circuit current ratings (SCCR) and are CE 1000 Volt AC/DC rated. Marathon’s short lead times, technical support, and excellent customer service ensure you receive a quality product as quickly as possible.


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