Fasco's Clinch Seam Blowers Provide Performance

Clinch seam blowers offer tamper-proof and reliable performance, while at the same time maximizing production efficiencies for faster delivery and better quality, according to Fasco AC Motors & Blowers Division.

Tamper-proof design assures metered amounts of air for efficient combustion and proper vacuum levels for safe gas control valve operation. Clinch seam blowers' elimination of housing spot welding means there's no paint to flake and clog sensitive vacuum taps which shuts down operation. At the same time, rust protection is maximized in the clinched seam blower because the unit's aluminized coating is never jeopardized by spot welding.

Manufacturers benefit from production efficiencies of clinch seam blowers. These blowers eliminate costly, time-consuming product production steps, particularly those associated with painting. This promotes quick order-to-delivery cycling time which makes it easily adaptable to just-in-time delivery.

Fasco's clinch seam blowers are fully customized to customer specifications. Adjustments to motor horsepower, inlet configuration and impeller diameter and width produce performance qualities for a variety of applications where movement of hot air and gases is required.


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