360 Spins Circles Around Other LED Task Lights

New Product: 360 - Fully-adjustable LED task light with an extended arm reach and minimal footprint

Design: Stephan Copeland

Manufacturer: Luxo

Product Description: 360’s 6.5W of high-power dimmable LEDs provide unequaled illumination, 105 footcandles at a height of 16 inches above the worksurface. 360 best articulates its ergonomics with a revolutionary arm that moves in unison with its rotating base. This allows for the most ergonomically correct workspace lighting and directs light exactly where needed for optimal lighting and functionality.

Stephan’s Copeland’s 360 continues Luxo’s long-standing history of sophisticated design and uncompromising quality. Backed by a comprehensive 5-year warranty, including LEDs, the 360 is guaranteed to deliver 45,000 hours of continuous use.

Product Applications: 360 delivers maximum light coverage while occupying minimal workspace. 360 is adaptable anywhere that high-performance energy-efficiency and adjustability are sought. In addition to full dimmability, the 360 features auto timeout which delivers 9 hours of uninterrupted use and then shuts-off the lamp to eliminate unnecessary energy drain With its asymmetric distribution, 360 casts light horizontally across the worksurface optimizing the ergonomic lighting and preventing glare.

Construction & Finishes: 360 provides exceptional light output and extensive light coverage all in a uniquely low profile design. 360’s sustainable aluminum housing is finished in black, silver grey or white.

360 is UL and CUL listed.


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