Durst is Doing Something About Torsional Vibration

The Durst division of Regal Beloit Corporation today announced a working relationship with Torsion Control Products, Inc. Torsion Control Products will review all Durst applications using the new Durst PD pump drive gearboxes for torsional vibration. If it is determined a coupling is required, Durst and Torsion Control Products will specify a Torsion Control Products spring coupling to eliminate the torsional vibration issues. Durst, the most trusted source for hydraulic pump drives used in mobile off-highway applications, and Torsion Control Products, a leading producer of spring couplings, are offering customers the ideal torsional coupling for Durst pump drive applications involving Tier I through Tier IV diesel engines.

“Because uncontrolled torsional vibration emanating from modern diesel engines can cause premature fatigue and failure in crankshaft and driveline components, Durst and Torsion Control Products are working together to solve torsional vibration problems before they have a chance to occur,” said Bob Brandemuehl, Engineering Manager at Durst. “The costs incurred due to torsional vibration damage can be substantial. Now OEMs and distributors can select a simple, economical package to serve their customers that will increase drive system durability and help prevent catastrophic failures.”

Torsion Control Products provides tuned spring couplings to address torsional vibration in all types of applications. This includes agricultural, construction, industrial, marine, mining and gen-set applications. To ensure the integrity of the power transmission system, Durst relies on a highly accurate torsional vibration analysis performed by Torsion Control Products prior to the installation of a Durst pump drive. Torsion Control Products’ vibration analysis assesses the impact of torsional vibration occurring in the driveline. Durst and Torsion Control Products’ engineers work together to evaluate the specific application to determine if the system will benefit from a properly tuned torsional coupling. If it is determined a torsional coupling will benefit the application, a Torsion Control Products-designed spring coupling tuned for that application will be provided with the gearbox. This will eliminate problems caused by random selection of couplings or drive plates that can impact the service life of driven equipment. Evaluating the need for and utilizing the proper coupling or drive plate reduces downtime and repair costs, leading to longer life of the driveline system.

“Over the past 25 years, Torsion Control Products has worked with original equipment manufacturers to address resonance and torsional vibration issues independently,” commented Mike Mackool of Torsion Control Products. “Durst providing tuned packages for their customers makes sense, avoiding torsional vibration problems from the beginning.”

Reviewing each application and providing a Torsion Control Products-tuned coupling, designed specifically for the Durst gearbox, where required, ensures torsional vibration issues are addressed before they create problems.

“We are very excited about this new system approach,” said John Locarno, Durst’s Global Sales and Marketing Manager. “Customers are guaranteed reliable transmission of power, economical installation and protection of coupled equipment. In addition, along with the convenience of one-stop shopping, there is none of the finger pointing that can occur when obtaining different system components from multiple suppliers.”


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