Fasco Heats Up Design Process With Gas Testing Lab

As the marketplace continues to demand shorter development lead times, Fasco has responded by adding a fully operational gas furnace lab to the technical center in its Cassville Division, Cassville, Missouri. The lab allows Fasco to accelerate the design process by bringing the customer's product in-house for full testing, analysis and design creation.

"For example, if we are developing a furnace blower, we will have the manufacturer send in the furnace," explains Bob Garrison, product engineering manager. "We will install a blower and create simulated performance characteristics to meet the customer's specifications. We can then concurrently adjust the performance characteristics to instantaneously match the design criteria."

Recently, a customer had been working on a motor-blower combination for nearly three months. The furnace was shipped to the Cassville test facility, and the lead engineer also flew to the tech center. Within a few hours, Fasco developed the most cost-effective and efficient motor/blower design to meet the application.

With a multi-million dollar tech center already in place, the new gas lab expands Fasco's capabilities. "It allows us to provide even more efficient service to our customers," Garrison notes. "We can further reduce the design process by testing and finalizing the motor-blower in-house rather than imposing on our customers' time and resources to complete the design."

Located within the tech center, the application testing facility houses equipment to design Fasco and/or blowers for any gas-operated appliances. Besides furnaces, the product spectrum ranges from water heaters to small gas space heaters, fireplace inserts and commercial ovens.


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