New PA–9Plus Portable Power Quality Analyser

The latest addition to the power quality products family and the first to meet the CE requirements for the IEC marketplace.
  • Designed to comply with all applicable IEC, IEEE, EN Standards and CE marking
  • On–site analysis and data retrieval without a computer
  • Intelligent Download — select only the data required
  • Trends Harmonics, THD & TDD and provides real–time graphical display of individual harmonic power
  • Includes AVO Metrosoft® software
  • Remote communications & alarm capabilities
Enhanced Instrument!

The new PA–9Plus maintains the complete set of functions supported by the earlier PA–9, while adding many new enhancements to meet the needs of customers. AVO Metrosoft software provides the analysis tools needed by the power quality service personnel and is included with each PA–9Plus.

New & Enhanced Metrosoft AVO PA–9W software capabilities

  • New – trends imbalance, individual harmonics, THD & TDD
  • New test log feature allows user to preview reports and charts by sequence and download only what is required
  • New zoom/unzoom charts feature
  • Enhanced remote control display
  • Modem software is now part of Metrosoft AVO PA–9W
New Demo connection mode

Why use the PA–9Plus?

Poor power quality can affect capacitor switching, propagation of harmonic voltages from customer originated non–linear loads, billing verification within 2%, transformer testing and verification, shut down variable speed drives, computers or other equipment causing physical damage, loss of production, financial losses etc. Consequently, there is a growing need to both document the presence of power quality problems and use recorded data to determine the cause and responsible agency.

These problems when they occur are called events.

The PA–9Plus can detect the following types of events.
  • Voltage (or current) swells and sags.
  • High–speed (sub–cycle) voltage/current spikes or notches.
  • Harmonic events.


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