New Dual Line Telephone/DSL/T1 Lightning Protector Added to Extensive Offering

L-com, Inc., a designer and manufacturer of wired  and wireless connectivity products, has added a new Telephone/DSL/T1 lightning protector that provides high-power protection to two lines with a single protector. The new unit is the twentieth item added to an extensive product line including Telephone/DSL/T1 lightning protectors with RJ11 jacks, punch-down terminals, and screw terminals; for indoor, outdoor, and industrial applications; and in forms for rack-mounting, wall-mounting, and in-wall electrical box mounting.

The new item, HGLN-D2T, complements the HGLN-DT model by protecting two lines instead of one at the same price. It is made for indoor installations, providing high-power protection.  It comprises a single pair of RJ11 jacks (one for input, and one for protected output) in an industrial grade cast aluminum body with integral mounting feet that can be shelf-mounted or wall-mounted. The HGLN-D2T uses three terminal differential gas discharge tubes to provide protection for two separate lines with a clamping voltage of +/- 230 volts.

"Among all the signal cables in commercial buildings, the telephone, DSL, and T1 lines are usually the most extensive and therefore most vulnerable to transient voltages," said Patrick Pesa, Director of Product Management. "We've therefore spent a lot of time designing and producing lightning and surge protectors for those lines, giving us one of the broadest product offerings in the industry for this application."

L-com will manufacture and stock the new lightning protector in its Florida, USA production and warehouse facilities.


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