New Prices-KOA Surface Mount Resistor Kits

NEW PRICES on KOA surface mount resistor kits packaged in SHELF BINS - economical, convenient, lightweight. These kits with quality KOA Speer components in size 0603 1%, are offered in 482 standard values plus jumper, in quantities of 25, 50, 100, or 200 of each value.

They are also available in case sizes 0201, 0402 & 1206. Parts are provided on cut tape, in poly bags. Labels include KOA's part number and lot number for full factory traceability, with the quantity and description of components listed. The rugged 4 X 9 cardboard SHELF BINS are handy, and inexpensive to ship.

Prices start as low as $90 for 97 values, 25 each, $231 for 250 values, 25 each, and $422 for 482 values, 25 each. See more at Garrett Electronics Corp home page.


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