LED Workstation Adjustable Lighting Fixtures

IAC Industries, manufacturers of precision workstations and workbenches worldwide, has introduced a new series of LED lighting fixtures for their Dimension 4 (D4) and LAN Station (LAN) Modular Workstations. The new LED fixtures deliver optimal illumination to the workstation environment to decrease worker eyestrain while increasing productivity.

IAC’s LED fixtures require no ballast or starter, and are toxin free. Outputting a brilliant white light, the LED tubes used in these new fixtures have a 50,000-hour life, and produce light equivalent to 40W fluorescents, while consuming 56% less electricity.

These LED fixtures are easy to assemble and are environmentally safe. Each fixture is adjustable in the vertical and horizontal planes and also pivots, all of which are essential to the modularity of the D4 and LAN Workstations. To extend the functionality of LED lighting IAC provides a choice of three light diffusers: standard prismatic, egg crate Direct Overhead Light – (DOL) and parabolic. All are designed to condition the light to suit the workstation environment and application.


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