Hamlin to Open New European Technical Center

Hamlin Electronics opens its new European technical centre in Norwich, UK, on Monday September 27th 2010. While Hamlin has been part of the Norfolk business community for more than 30 years, the move from its long-time European base of Diss to Norwich represents a significant milestone in the company’s history.

Director of global sales & marketing Simon Pitkin said “All of us at Hamlin are very excited about the move to Norwich. The Hamlin business has been evolving significantly in recent years. This new facility marks the change from largely manufacturing oriented operations in the UK to that of an engineering technical centre, developing advanced sensing products for our customers in Europe as well as providing specialised support to the Hamlin engineering community world-wide”. Talking about the new premises at Broadland Business Park, global finance director Mark Scharff commented “This is a brand new facility which will provide a great working environment for our employees. Being situated in Norwich gives us much better access to a wider community of skilled engineers and business people as well as significantly improved road, rail and air communications to the rest of the Europe and beyond”.


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