Mohawk Introduces the Release of XGO® F/UTP 4 Pair Category 6A CMP and CMR

Mohawk, a progressive manufacturer of copper cable and fiber optic products, announces the expansion of the XGO product line with the introduction of XGO F/UTP Category 6 CMP and CMR cables.

Mohawk’s XGO F/UTP Augmented 6 is a robust, high performance cable that is designed, manufactured and tested to exceed ANSI/TIA-568-C.2 performance standards. The shielded design allows for high bandwidth data transmission where separation between noise sources and cable is not possible for applications including Government, Health Care, Higher Education and Industrial. XGO F/UTP 6A provides shielded protection and Augmented Category 6 capability for current and future data requirements with one installation. Mohawk’s Open Architecture model offers the ability to with work with numerous connectivity options and custom-build the cable solution specific to project requirements.

XGO F/UTP is a 4 Pair #23 AWG overall shielded twisted pair Category 6A cable for use in horizontal cabling systems. Mohawk’s patented XGO design incorporates our FlexWeb® core separator technology to reduce the effects of internal cross talk. The foil shield and drain wire provides a cost effective solution to blocking ANEXT, EMI, and RFI in extreme environments. This enhanced cable design delivers high performance by supporting 10GBASE-T (10 Gigabit Ethernet) applications over a full 100-meter 4 connector channel while providing stability across the entire 500 MHz frequency range.


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