New 120V-AC LED Panel Indicator Generates Up to 70% Cost Savings & 50% Space Savings

Lumex announces the global launch of the QuasarBrite™ family of LED panel indicators with hundreds of standard technologies and expedited custom capabilities. The family features a 120V-AC LED that eliminates the need for AC to DC transformers thereby generating significant cost and space savings.

Lumex LED panel indicators have several important advantages over alternative technologies such as incandescent bulbs. They can last up to 10 times longer, use 90% less energy, are more durable, shock and temperature resistant, and provide quicker on/off performance.


Part of the QuasarBrite family of Panel Mount Indicators, the QuasarBrite 120V-AC LED eliminates the need for AC to DC power conversion as it operates with 120V-AC power that can be taken directly out of the main power source. Eliminating the need for an AC to DC power transformer can generate up to 50% savings in real estate space. This real estate and part savings, combined with LEDs longer lifespan and enhanced durability when compared to alternative technologies such as incandescent bulbs, can also lead to up to 70% cost savings.

The QuasarBrite 120V-AC LED is designed for optimal performance in a wide range of challenging environments including:
  • green energy technology (including monitors on solar panel and wind turbine equipment);
  • industrial control applications (including gas and liquid flow meters, thermal test chambers, and signaling devices.);
  • commercial appliance applications (including any indicators on appliances);
  • communications equipment (including network routers, switches and video servers).
The QuasarBrite 120V-AC LED is available in a round configuration with a 7mm diameter, however this configuration can also be customized with wire lengths ranging from 6 inches to 6 feet and with a variety of connector options with minimal tooling. Custom technologies are also available with quick turn around time and are very cost effective for mid- to large-quantity orders. Available in blue, white, red, yellow and green color varieties, the RoHs compliant QuasarBrite 120V-AC panel mount indicator LEDs are available from $2.50 per unit in production quantities with lead times ranging from eight to ten weeks for standard or custom technologies.

QuasarBrite Family of LED Panel Indicators

The QuasarBrite family of panel mount indicators consists of hundreds of standard LED technologies in round, square or rectangular formats with diameters ranging from 3mm to 20mm, with rubber, black anodize, plastic or chrome housing, and cable lengths between 6inches to 6 feet . Color options include blue, white, red, yellow and green.

In addition to an extensive variety of standard technologies, Lumex provides cost-effective custom solutions with speed unmatched in the market today.

“What truly differentiates Lumex as a provider of LED panel indicators is not only the quality of our standard products but the ease, speed and cost-effectiveness of our custom technologies,” explained Steve Sievers, Product Development Manager at Lumex. “Due to slight but precise variations from project to project, design engineers often require custom technology suited to meet their exact specifications and design needs. Lumex provides unmatched speed and expert technical support in working with customers to create a cost-effective solution designed to meet their precise needs.”

Custom and standard QuasarBrite LED panel incidators are well-suited for a wide variety of applications including panel illumination, automotive accent lighting, and small space lighting, as well as indication for control panels, user-interfaces and warning lights.


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