CompactionPro™ Rammers

MMD Equipment introduces CompactionPro™ rammers in the most popular two weight categories. The 148 lb. Model 65 is powered by Honda's GX 100 4 cycle rammer engine which is specially designed for reliability in a rammer application. It is fed unmixed gas by a diaphragm carburetor, and also features a patented bellows sealing method. All of these features allow you to lay this rammer down without fear of it leaking oil or gasoline. This rammer hits 30% harder than before, or 4,380 lbs. Per blow measured per CIMA Standard LEMB Number 1. However, vibrations at the handle are reduced by 50%, and the rammer is extremely stable in operation.

The CompactionPro™ 75, weighing in at 165 lbs., also features a Honda 4 cycle engine to eliminate gas mixing problems. It delivers 5,110 lbs per blow and uses the same bellows sealing technology. Both rammers use triple-stage filtration to extend their service lives, and are ruggedly constructed with steel impact cages to withstand jobsite abuse.


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