USB Serial Communications Added to Laurel Panel Meters & Counters

Two new USB interface board versions are now shipping:
  • USB 2.0 interface board with a single Type-B connector for a standard USB cable. Allows plug-and-pay connection of a meter or counter to to the new generation of computers which have USB ports but no RS232 com port. Ideal for programming instruments with Laurel's free Instrument Setup Software. The board can be removed once the instrument has been programmed.
  • USB 2.0 to RS485 converter board. Includes a USB Type-B connector for USB 2.0 communications plus an RJ11 connector for RS485. Allows a meter or counter to communicate with a PC via a USB cable while also serving as the USB-to-RS485 converter and hub for connection of the PC to an RS485 network with multiple meters and counters. The industry-standard Modbus protocol and Laurel ASCII protocol are fully supported.


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