New Inline Four-Pump Drive for Construction, Mining & Oil Field Equipment Applications

Durst has released a new four-pad pump drive especially designed for applications where space is limited. With its low profile and excellent torque-carrying capacity, the 4PD10L delivers a high-performance, cost-effective drive solution in construction, mining and oil field equipment.

The 4PD10L features an inline output configuration with 10.5" gear centers. The drive incorporates a simple, one-piece design, based on Durst’s popular modular format, for easier assembly and installation. It has a maximum torque rating of 1,995 lb-ft.

The 4PD10L, which meets SAE and AGMA standards, measures 8.12" deep x 16.5" high x 37" wide. The compact size is adaptable to trenchers, mining trucks, underground mining equipment and other applications where tight engine compartments would rule out a standard four-pad arrangement. Space-saving solutions like that offered by the 4PD10L are of particular interest to oil field OEMs.

The 4PD10L is compatible with any SAE pump shaft and can be used as a drop-in replacement for other manufacturers’ drives.

Like the entire line of reliable Durst pump drives, the 4PD10L runs cooler, lasts longer and is simpler to service. The class 10 spur gears run on heavy-duty ball bearings. The internal spline enables quieter operation. Bearings and gears are self-contained within the housings. Durst’s patented pump pad design keeps oil constantly flowing through the bearings and provides for wet spline operation, even at startup.

Pump pads and input adapters can be easily changed without disturbing bearings. Thanks to the single seal, bearing, gear and adapter group design, there are fewer parts to inventory.


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