Ethernet Serial Communications Added to Laurel Panel Meters & Counters

Two new Ethernet interface boards are now shiping:
  • Ethernet interface board with a single RJ45 connector for connection to a 10/100Base-T Ethernet network.
  • Ethernet-to-RS485 converter board. Includes an RJ45 connector to the Ethernet plus an RJ11 connector to an RS485 network with up to 31 Laurel meters, counters, timers, and remote displays. These must be equipped with Laurel's RS485 interface board, which features dual RJ11 connectors for RS485 daisy-chaining using commercial 6-wire RJ11 data cables, with no need for a hub.
Both boards are supported by Laurel's new Node Manager software, which discovers and configures Laurel Nodes on an Ethernet LAN and then discovers and configures the Laurel meters associated with each node. Please see our Ethernet Manual.


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