Gems Introduces New Side-Mount Level Switches Made From High Temperature Versaplast Engineered Plastic

Gems® Sensors & Controls ™ (Gems), a global leader in liquid level, pressure, and flow sensors, miniature solenoid valves, and fluidic systems, introduces several new versions to their LS-7 Series of robust point level switches. These compact, side mount level switches are made from Gems Versaplast™ engineered plastic for high temperature applications up to 300°F (148.9°C).

The Gems Versaplast™ engineered plastic used on these new level switches is an extremely versatile material compatible with a wide range of challenging fluids such as oils and solvents. Versaplast™ enables the new LS-7 Series sensors to provide an affordable solution for handling high temperature applications and corrosive fluids. The durable Versaplast™ LS-7 level switches are CE, UL and CUL approved, are ideal for use within methylene chloride and anti-freeze tanks, and are well suited for low coolant, low hydraulic monitoring within off-highway vehicle and transportation applications.

These new Versaplast™ LS-7 Series versions expand the broad range of small, side mounted level switches from Gems Sensors available for a wide variety of fluids or applications. Additional specifications include pressure capability to 100 psi (6.8 bar), and a float arc of just 1.25 inches – beneficial in confined spaces. Options include internal and externally installed versions, and metric or U.S. threads.


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