IQD to Support ONE-NET Open-Source Wireless Control Standard

IQD Frequency Products have announced that they have joined the ONE-NET open-source wireless networking alliance. The ONE-NET wireless standard is the world’s foremost multi-vendor, open source wireless control protocol. ONE-NET was specifically designed for optimized home control applications and includes important features such as integrated peer-to-peer operation. It also features a high level of security, excellent range and low power consumption. ONE-NET’s comprehensive design specification is distributed royalty-free, accelerating the availability and use of wireless connectivity in a wide variety of devices and applications. Source code examples for microcontrollers, schematics, and bills-of-materials for reference designs are readily available and simple open-source licensing rules apply.

"The ONE-NET protocol is supported by many different transceivers from numerous companies. Companies designing with the ONE-NET protocol benefit from being able to choose from many suppliers of transceivers and are able to migrate designs with assured interoperability and always with the same significant features, while maintaining a small stack size. IQD are able to support ONE-NET customers with the quartz crystal products that are required with all ONE-NET capable transceivers” saidNeil Floodgate, VP Global Sales for IQD.

James Martin, ONE-NET Membership Director of the ONE-NET alliance added “We are excited that IQD will be supporting ONE-NET. Their expertise in frequency control is well known, particularly in providing highly accurate crystals to support the various ONE-NET reference designs which will be a helpful addition to the ONE-NET community.”


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