Solid State Relays & Contactors

CARLO GAVAZZI is proud to announce our newest generation of solid state relays and contactors, the RG Series. This new range of AC and DC solid state switching devices is an ideal solution for switching resistive, slightly inductive and motor loads, thanks to the reduced size per unit – starting at only 17.5mm width, up to 85AAC (15Hp) switching, nominal ratings at 40ºC and high SCCR rating of 100kA.

RGS Solid State Relay: The RGS Series provides the market with the slimmest single phase SSR of its kind, with merely 17.5mm of width. Maximum output voltage is 600VAC with a current rating of 90AAC (with proper heat sink). Both the AC and DC control versions are available covering a wide range of input voltages.

RGC Solid State Contactors: This series offers an integrated heat sink solid state solution with the smallest frame size rating of 20 & 23AAC (£3Hp) in just a 17.5mm width, 30AAC/5Hp (22.5mm wide), 40AAC/7.5Hp (35mm wide) 60AAC/10Hp and 85AAC/15Hp (70mm width). Ratings are specified with a surrounding temperature of 40ºC with derating available up to 80ºC. The RGH Series distinguishes itself from the RGC Series with its higher blocking voltage of 1600Vp and high I2T values, thus making the RGH Series ideal when protection by MCBs is desired.

RGS1D/RGC1D DC Output Solid State Relays: This new series of 1-phase solid state DC relays is primarily intended for switching of strings in photovoltaic panels. The output voltage ratings cover the voltage range of 24 to 1,000VDC. The RGS1D Series is rated up to maximum rating of 25ADC (with proper heatsink), while the RGC1D Series (which is an integrated heat sink solution in a 17.5mm width) is rated up to 15ADC, with a surrounding ambient temperature of 60ºC.

The output power terminals on the RGS, RGC and RGH Series can be specified in either a contactor configuration (type ‘E’) or in a solid state relay configuration (type ‘U’). The RG Series solid state relays and contactors are best suited for resistive, slightly inductive and motor loads. Common applications can be found in the HVAC, food and beverage, packaging, plastics, printing, glass and transportation industries.


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