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Durst Launches New Standardized Transfer Case

The Durst division of Regal Beloit Corporation has announced the inaugural model in its new line of standardized transfer cases.

The model 11D transfer case is a heavy-duty gearbox engineered to meet the rugged operational demands of a wide range of mobile off-highway applications. The 11D features an 11.15-inch center drop distance and a two-speed, three-shaft design. Targeted toward mobile construction, agricultural, forestry and mining equipment, it excels at transferring between two-wheel and four-wheel drive and delivering mechanical power to auxiliary equipment in high and low ranges.

The 11D measures 9.4 inches x 14.9 inches x 23.3 inches. It comes with ratios of 1.61/4.47 and 2.51/6.83, and has a maximum torque rating of 907 lb-ft. It is compatible with any SAE pump adapter.

The 11D is the first of five model sizes in the new transfer case family that Durst will introduce in 2012. Durst currently is developing standardized transfer cases with 9-inch, 12-inch, 16-inch and 20-inch gear centers. Durst will offer all the transfer cases in the new product line, including the 11D, as standard, modified or customized versions.

The 11D has undergone extensive product qualification testing to verify oil circulation, operating temperatures and endurance limits. A new horsepower rating system allows for faster turnaround on sizing of the gearbox to customer duty cycle requirements.

In developing this new product line, Durst set out to achieve many of the same customer and performance benefits derived from its next-generation modular hydraulic pump drives. For example, maximizing the use of common components across the product range reduces cost and increases availability while improving the ease of assembling and servicing the transfer cases. In addition, standardization trims the component part numbers to inventory and accelerates turnaround times.

The design of the 11D eliminates covers, shims, screws and sealing compound. Potential leak paths have been removed as well. The simpler design makes manufacturing and servicing more efficient.

The symmetrical hole pattern on the sides of the gearbox perpendicular to the input/output positions simplifies mounting. Thanks to the class 10 spur gears with cylindrical or spherical roller bearings, no bearing shimming is required. Input and output options can be easily changed without disturbing bearings.


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