Water Meters Get Smart

Anticipating OFWAT’s recent call for UK water companies to improve metering and reduce wastage, Hamlin has introduced an upgrade package for the most popular type of water meter.

The company recently unveiled an innovative Bi-Directional Water Meter Sensor that allows existing magnet-equipped mechanical water meters to be upgraded with a pulse counter for an estimated cost of less than £13 per household.

David Abrahams, Global Business Development Manager for Hamlin said: “There are many millions of magnet-equipped mechanical meters installed in the UK alone that could be upgraded rather than replaced, thus improving the quality and reliability of water metering data. This could save the industry millions of pounds and help to meet OFWAT’s recent directive.”

The new innovative sensor enables remote automated metering instead of reading ‘by hand’, delivering significant cost savings and improved accuracy. It also identifies backflow and is tamperproof. The unit is easily installed on existing meters.


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