GSPA Adapter Series Released

Global Specialties is pleased to announce the release of a series of 5 new high-end prototyping adapters. The GSPA series include a variety of PLCC and SOP to DIP adapter packages, which are built to provide maximum surface contact for years of reliable use. The GSPA series adapters are perfect for education, prototyping, production and R&D, where high reliability component testing and multiple-use applications are required. Each model is sold separately and is compatible with all Global Specialties electronic trainers and solderless breadboarding systems.

Model numbers in this series include: GSPA-PLCC-32: 32 Pin PLCC to DIP Adapter, GSPA-PLCC-44: 44 Pin PLCC to DIP Adapter, GSPA-PLCC-48S: 48 Pin PLCC to DIP Adapter, GSPA-SOP-8B: 8 Pin SOP to DIP Adapter, GSPA-SOP-16: 16 Pin SOP to DIP Adapter.


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