New Four-Port Wall/Shelf-Mount and Rack-Mount Gas Tube Lightning Protectors Protect Cat 6 Lines

L-com, Inc., a designer and manufacturer of wired and wireless connectivity products, has introduced two new gas tube lightning protectors designed to protect up to four Category 6 Ethernet cable lines. Designed to stop transient voltages or power spikes from damaging sensitive electronic equipment, these new wall/shelf-mount and rack-mount models offer even better protection than the diode versions that L-com has carried since 2009.

L-com's earlier models of four-port Cat 6 lightning protectors used ultra-low capacitance diodes to stop spikes of up to 65 Volts. The new models use gas discharge tubes to provide low line-to-line and line-to-ground capacitance, minimizing distortion of high-speed signals. They stop spikes up to 90 Volts and have L-com's highest power rating available. The new parts are also compatible with 802.3af/at PoE devices.

"We know that power surges cause massive expenses to businesses world-wide every year," said Patrick Pesa, Director of Product Management. "We're glad we're able to offer such high-power protection with nearly no impact at all in signal speed or quality. Now customers can easily protect high-speed Ethernet devices with the convenience of a wall or rack mount protector for up to four separate lines."

The new protectors are built in the USA and stocked in L-com's Florida distribution center for shipment on the same day as ordered.


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