Specialty Relay Exceeds at 125°C Operating Conditions

Coto Technology has a developed a new high-temperature, professional grade, high-reliability reed relay aimed at the Automatic Test Equipment market.

Coto Technology, Inc. has announced the development of a new specialty relay designed to address high operating temperature environments.  The 2970 Series is available in a 1 Form A and a 1 Form C coaxial which withstands 125 °C operating conditions.  Ideally suited to the needs of the Automatic Test Equipment and RF requirements, the 2970 Series reed relay is a professional grade, high-reliability relay.  It offers high insulation resistance, an epoxy coated steel shell for magnetic shielding and a coaxial shield for 50 ohm impedance and switching of fast rise time digital pulses.

The 2970 has a lead time of 8-10 weeks. A detailed datasheet on the new 2970 Series is available on Coto’s website.


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