Cold Modeling with Terokal 5010 TR Instead of Hot Soldering

Terokal 5010 TR, the two-component material being unveiled by Henkel at Automechanika, is an entirely new solution for the perfect repair of body damage – and far superior to hot soldering using tin. The product sold under the brandname Teroson was able to prove its practical performance capabilities during trials carried out in the “Allianz Zentrum fuer Technik”. 

For workshops, the use of Terokal 5010 TR offers significant time and labour savings. In contrast to working with tin, no high temperatures are required and the vehicle components do not have to be dismantled and then fitted again following the repairs. Neither is there any impact on the plastic components close to the repair, as the application and curing temperatures are no higher than if the vehicle was standing in bright sunlight.

In comparison to tin, Terokal 5010 TR furthermore boasts excellent processability and plasticity, even in areas of the body that are difficult to access. The product is applied at room temperature and subsequently cured using an infrared heat source at 60 to 80 degrees Celsius. In contrast to soldered repairs, which require much higher temperatures, with Terokal 5010 TR, paint and corrosion protection coatings around the repair remain intact.

Long processability, straightforward mixing
Terokal 5010 TR allows for easier moulding by the body specialist. With a long processability time of around 80 minutes, there is sufficient time to remould the site of the repair.

Mixing the two-component material is also extremely easy thanks to a special mixing nozzle that is used to apply Terokal 5010 TR. The two components are mixed automatically in the nozzle, thereby ensuring optimal use of the material.

Practical application suitability
Henkel’s innovation can be used on all metal surfaces of the vehicle body. In the “Allianz Zentrum fuer Technik”, the product was subjected to protracted trials, enabling verification of its practical application suitability. Having carried out their own tests, renowned automobile manufacturers are also convinced of its performance characteristics.

Terokal 5010 TR is extremely suitable for shaping and sanding after the repair work. It furthermore offers a good foundation for subsequent filling and painting. Terokal 5010 TR is available in two-component 175ml cartridges and is applied using standard manual cartridge guns (Staku).

Health and safety
For the workshop and its employees, Terokal 5010 TR is safer to use than tin. There are none of the hazards and discomforts associated with soldering, namely because a naked flame is not required.


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