Low Noise and Power Amplifier Modules Now Offer the Best Value!

Hittite Microwave Corporation, the world class supplier of complete MMIC based solutions for communication & military markets, has recently reduced the list price of several of our pHEMT Low Noise and Power Amplifier modules. These rugged connectorized amplifiers are ideal for high performance applications in microwave radio, military & space, radar systems, test instrumentation and synthesizer applications from 1 to 36 GHz.

The HMC-C059 and the HMC-C027 are GaAs pHEMT Low Noise Amplifier modules which are rated from 1 to 12 GHz and 29 to 36 GHz, respectively. These high performance amplifier modules exhibit noise figures as low as 1.8 dB, with up to 20 dB of gain and up to +30 dBm output IP3. The HMC-C059 LNA module features integrated voltage regulators and consumes 60 mA from a +6V supply, while the HMC-C027 operates directly from a single +3V supply and consumes only 80 mA.

The HMC-C020 and the HMC-C021 are GaAs pHEMT Power Amplifier modules which are rated from 17 to 24 GHz and 21 to 31 GHz, respectively. These powerful amplifier modules deliver up to +24 dBm output P1dB, up to +30 dBm output IP3, and up to 22 dB of gain. The HMC-C026 is a Wideband High Gain GaAs pHEMT Driver Amplifier module which is rated from 2 to 20 GHz and provides up to 31 dB gain and +24 dBm output P1dB, with noise figure as low as 2.5 dB. The HMC-C020, HMC-C021 and the HMC-C026 feature integrated voltage regulators which allow for flexible biasing of both the negative and positive supply pins, while internal bias sequencing circuitry assures robust operation.

Each of these lower cost hermetically sealed modules feature internally matched and internally DC blocked RF I/Os, making them ideal for both engineering laboratory and production screening test environments. The HMC-C059, HMC-C027, HMC-C020, HMC-C021 and the HMC-C026 offer a unique combination of performance, ruggedness and cost, and represent an outstanding value when compared to competing solutions.


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