"Intelligent Door Management" -Smart Doors as a key component for Green Buildings

The term "Green Building" generally refers to environmentally responsible buildings. To qualify as a green building, it must be resource-efficient throughout its life cycle. The use of ecological materials, utilization of renewable energy and the use of energy efficient technologies throughout the building are the cornerstone of sustainable architectural designs. 

Door control technology is an important element to implement the green building concept within industrial buildings. Every industrial building utilizes doors at numerous positions in and around the building. High-speed doors inside the building as well as rolling and sectional doors in the shell of the buildings.
The buildings often contain heated or cooled rooms at an optimized working or storage temperature. Due to optimized door leaf insulation and seals, closed doors may be regarded as largely energy efficient, i.e. energy is lost only when the doors are opened. This is where intelligent door control systems and smart sensors reduce energy losses from doors being opened or staying open to an absolute minimum.


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