Emerson Network Power Configurable AC-DC Power Supplies Meet Third Edition IEC 60601 Medical Safety Standard

Emerson Network Power, a business of Emerson (NYSE:EMR) and the global leader in enabling Business-Critical Continuity™, today announced that all versions of its configurable ac-dc power supplies featuring medical safety approvals are now compliant with the third edition of the ANSI/AAMI ES60601-1:2005 / IEC 60601-1 medical safety standard. This allows designers of equipment for medical applications to continue to specify and build-in these highly flexible power supplies, secure in the knowledge that they are taking an uncompromised, future-proof route.

All Emerson Network Power configurable ac-dc power supplies that complied with the second edition of the standard now also fully comply with the requirements of the third edition, and include at least two means of patient protection (MOPP). The improvements cover factors such as increased creepage distances and clearance on mains connectors, better insulation of isolation transformer windings and reduced capacitance between input and outputs.

Emerson Network Power produces a diverse range of medically-approved configurable ac-dc power supplies, with power outputs as high as 4,920 watts. The range includes the popular iVS™, µMP and iMP™ series, all of which provide electronic equipment designers with a highly flexible means of accommodating multiple dc supply needs. Designed specifically to provide a cost-effective alternative to custom power supplies, they offer industry-leading efficiency, power density and reliability, combined with exceptional functionality. Power supplies that are pre-approved to the IEC 60601-1 safety standard provide designers of medical equipment with significant advantages; they are able to accelerate compliance testing of their own products, minimize the risk of encountering unexpected power safety issues, and reduce their time-to-market.

According to Chris Jones, director of marketing for the Embedded Power business of Emerson Network Power, “We have been active in the medically-approved power supply business for nearly 40 years. Providing products that pre-empt the introduction of new safety standards and other performance-related legislation is a cornerstone of our customer support strategy. The manufacture of power supplies that comply with the latest edition of the IEC 60601-1 medical safety standard is a case in point; it involves extensive analysis of all potential fault conditions and how to mitigate their effect, combined with comprehensive risk management procedures. Designers of medical equipment can be confident when specifying power supplies from Emerson Network Power.”

The medically-approved versions of Emerson Network Power’s iVS, µMP and iMP power supplies are suitable for a wide range of non-patient contact and non-patient critical applications. These include clinical diagnostic systems, patient monitoring systems and medical imaging equipment such as X-ray machines, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) systems and computed tomography (CTI) scanners.

With a power output range from 210 to 4,920 watts, Emerson Network power has one of the broadest portfolios of configurable power supplies in the world. The iVS, µMP and iMP medically-approved configurable power supplies share a number of key attributes. They are all equipped with an I2C interface and are fully programmable using the industry-standard PMBus protocol. The power supplies all have universal inputs, enabling them to be used almost anywhere in the world without adjustment, and employ active power factor correction to help maximize efficiency. They also all feature comprehensive protection against fault conditions, are equipped with CISPR 22 Class B EMI filters and meet rigorous international EMC standards.

Emerson Network Power configurable ac-dc power supplies that comply with the third edition of the IEC 60601-1 medical safety standard are available now. More information about power supply products from Emerson Network Power can be found online.


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