Emerson Network Power and Joyent Partner to Provide Unparalleled Visibility, Efficiency and Resource Optimization for the Cloud

Emerson Network Power, a business of Emerson (NYSE:EMR) and a global leader in maximizing availability, capacity and efficiency of critical infrastructure, today announced it will partner with leading high-performance cloud infrastructure provider Joyent to transform and optimize how physical and logical data center resources are packaged and delivered for public and private clouds. This will augment the efficient, standardized cloud solution available from Joyent today.

Joyent and Emerson Network Power will address the need for industrialized cloud services by combining Joyent’s software-defined data center suite SmartDatacenter with Emerson’s Trellis™ platform for DCIM. Built partially with Joyent’s Node.js runtime, the Trellis platform runs on the Joyent cloud today. By integrating the Trellis platform into its cloud management stack, Joyent will be able to significantly improve ease of use, industrialization, efficiency and sustainability for customers of its cloud services. The Trellis platform will become a tightly integrated component of the Joyent Smartdatacenter. The commercialization of this fully integrated, standardized solution is planned for the first half of 2013.

“We selected Emerson as our partner because the Trellis platform is the only DCIM solution available today that can provide holistic, real-time visibility from service processor to power grid and enable the dynamic optimization of data center physical resources,” said Jason Hoffman, founder and CTO of Joyent. “Our partnership will enable us to offer a unique, tightly integrated, modular, highly efficient solution that optimizes the entire infrastructure based on the energy consumption of application workloads.”

Combining Emerson Network Power’s critical infrastructure insight through the Trellis platform with Joyent’s orchestration layer, the two companies will be able to track the energy consumption of virtual workloads and the impact each virtual workload has on the physical infrastructure. Operators will gain complete visibility into their entire cloud from the grid up, enabling discreet measurement of application workload/watt, which promises to allow applications to be charged back to the corresponding owner. The application workload/watt measurement will also allow operators to optimize the entire infrastructure based on the energy efficiency of applications. The Trellis platform’s purpose built real-time architecture with hardware and software engineered to work together with the Avocent® Universal Management Gateway is an industry first and the only solution today that can make this possible.

The integration of the Trellis platform with Joyent’s SmartDatacenter will bring infrastructure visibility into the cloud orchestration layer, enabling resource delivery optimization that improves overall performance, energy efficiency and reduces costs.  Key benefits include acceleration of time-to-deployment of infrastructure resources up to 70 percent through more rapid, efficient resource provisioning. Maintenance cost reductions up to 40 percent, energy cost reductions up to 25 percent and capital expenditures reductions up to 50 percent can be delivered through better infrastructure management.

“Emerson Network Power is delighted to partner with the premier cloud services infrastructure provider to bring additional optimization and efficiency enhancements through the end-to-end management of all data center resources,” said Steve Hassell, president of the Avocent business of Emerson Network Power. “Integrating the Trellis platform with the Joyent cloud not only allows optimization of end-to-end performance, it enables the next generation of DCIM based on application workload performance and unlocks new possibilities for holistic data center energy optimization.”


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