Henkel Presents New Flange Sealant Silicones

Sealing mechanical components is made even easier with Loctite new silicone products, Henkel has unveiled at this year’s Automechanika in Frankfurt. The innovative premium silicones were developed to satisfy the highest demands in automotive repair shops.

Henkel is completing and optimising its silicone sealant line with two new products Loctite SI 5660 and Loctite SI 5990 in addition to the well-known Loctite SI 5980 Quick Gasket. The silicones can be used for sealing a variety of components on the vehicle, for example in the engine compartment they are used on the oil pan, water pump and valve covers. All three products adhere to both metals and plastics.

Henkel, the world’s largest manufacturer of adhesives, sealants and surface technologies, supplies the innovative products in a user-friendly ready-to-use cartridge developed especially for workshops. The sealant is applied from the pressurised cartridge through the integrated nozzle, without the need for an additional dispensing device.

Suitable for throughout the vehicle
Loctite SI 5980 Quick Gasket, a black silicone, is ideal for sealing areas that are in permanent contact with oil, for instance the oil pan, the differential housing cover and timing chain covers.

Loctite SI 5660, which is grey, is characterised by its extremely high resistance to glycol. This product is ideal for sealing thermostats and water pumps.

Loctite SI 5990, copper-coloured, is defined by excellent temperature resistance – up to 350°C (short-term resistance). It is primarily used on components that are subjected to high temperatures, for example to seal the turbocharger housing or to supplement the cylinder head gaskets.

Durable, robust and flexible
Like all silicones from the Loctite brand, which have proven their capabilities over decades, the new products offer outstanding long-term durability. On account of the product formulation, these silicones do not cause corrosion on the components, are flexible and are also extremely resistant to external stresses. They have good adhesive properties on different materials such as metals, coatings (e.g. cathodic dip paints), plastics, etc.

Moreover, the new flange sealant silicones offer good health and safety attributes. They are free from substances suspected of being hazardous to health (R40-free) and as a result do not carry any hazard symbols. Henkel thus satisfies rigorous demands of health and safety in the workplace – without compromising product performance.

The new Loctite flange sealant silicones are available in a ready-to-use 200ml cartridge. A technical data sheet including a detailed description of how the products should be applied is available.


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