Han Modular® Series

HARTING’s Han Modular® series inserts allow event installers to create high density connectivity and cabling solutions with total signal handling flexibility e. g. audio, video, comms, data and power, through different rugged IP 65 / 67 hoods and housings suitable for harsh handling conditions. Multiple contact style modules can be mixed to suit particular needs. Multi-pin modules can support analogue and digital audio transfer. Multi-way coax modules can handle CCTV, SDI, HD-SDI & 3G-SDI Video. A full range of power modules allows current handling from a few amps through to 200 amps. RJ45 data modules allow Cat. 5 10/100 Mbps, Cat. 6e 1Gbps or Cat. 6EA 10 Gbps Ethernet transfer via HARTING patch leads. Signal security between power and data lines can be assured where necessary through EMC screening options or by the use of SC Fibre Optic modules.

The optional HARTING hoods and housings accommodating such inserts include the Han® B series that utilise rugged Han® Easy Lock levers with versions available in anti-reflective black finish. A Han® Easy hood design allows side access for easier wiring. The innovative Han-Yellock® design allows single-handed push button mating, particularly useful for connections made in awkward access areas. The sleek shape, achieved through its internal locking system, supports cable trunking drag-through. The Han-Eco® series provides a lightweight but robust package, ideal for portable equipment. All these designs offer integral protective earthing, ensuring finger-safe protective handling. A range of cable glands is available and threaded entry areas can accommodate standard conduit fittings to maintain IP 65 if separate mixed cables are used. HARTING can provide a technical AV Multimedia Selection Guide to assist designers and installers with their optimum connector choice.


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