Purex by Easy Braid Fume Extraction Systems Now Available

Easy Braid Co. has introduced PUREX by Easy Braid, a new product line that encompasses Fume Extraction Systems for the electronics industry. Providing a healthier and better work environment is now more important than ever. With a recirculating LEV (local exhaust ventilation) system, fumes are captured at the source thereby preventing fumes escaping into the workplace. PUREX by Easy Braid systems use "flow control" to maintain a constant extraction rate throughout the life of the system's filter.

"The innovative technology of the PUREX by Easy Braid brand assures an operator of quality and reliability in the use of fume extraction systems," states John Webber, National Sales Manager of Easy Braid Co. "With the new consciousness of energy conservation, this system will prove to be a great cost savings to customers who currently vent their conditioned air to the outside."

With a unique patented filter technology, the Labyrinth™ pre-filter has more surface area thus allowing the filter to capture more particles before it becomes blocked. The filter lasts longer and is therefore more cost-effective.

The PUREX by Easy Braid maintenance-free, brushless fans are flow-controlled which means higher efficiency, lower energy costs and reduced noise."

The digital control system with graphic display monitors the machine and makes automatic adjustments for optimum performance. On a clear, easy to read graphic display, the 'live' status of the machine is shown.

PUREX by Easy Braid products deliver protection to people as well as the environment with reliability, efficiency, and most important a quality that's unsurpassed.

Easy Braid Co. is a manufacturer based in Minneapolis, MN, that offers products such as desoldering braid, stencil rolls, soldering stations and tips, PARMI by Easy Braid, solder paste inspection systems, and now PUREX by Easy Braid Fume Extraction Systems.


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