Monday, September 24, 2012

Phyton ChipProg-G41 - Universal 4-channel Gang Programmer for Manufacturing

The Phyton ChipProg-G41 is powerful 4-channel production gang programmer suitable for medium to high volume off-board production programming. It features 4 x independent programming modules allowing it to program  4 ICs simulataneously. The 4 x high-quality 48-pin ZIF sockets support insertion of any DIL device up to 48 pins. A range of Socket Adaptors is available to suit most other package types. 

The ChipProg-G41 programmer is based on 4 x Phyton ChipProg-48 programmers working concurrently and so provides very fast programming. It supports parallel & serial EPROM & EEPROM; microcontrollers, and PAL/PALCE/GAL/PEEL/PLD devices.

The ChipProg-G41 programmer is controlled via a single USB port to a PC. The powerful PC software supports sequencing of all 4 programming sites.

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