HARTING Connectivity Solutions

HARTING supports connectivity solutions for higher density cabling for HD video signal transfer applications in Outside Broadcast Vans/Production Trucks or modular flight-case Flyaway Suites/De-rig Systems. A new range of HARTING compact 75 Ohm coaxial contacts can be accommodated in their DIN41626 compatible 4-way Han® Multi modules which respectively fit in their popular rugged IP 65 Han-Modular® series connectors. There are different coaxial contacts suitable for use with specific industry standard RG-59 and lightweight RG-179 video cables, allowing SMPTE 292M HD-SDI 1.5 GHz and up to SMPTE 424M HD 1080p/60 3.0 GHz signal transfer. Associated crimp termination tooling is available on request.

HARTING ensures controlled connector mating through the use of additional alignment Guide Pins and Bushes in their Han® B series hood and housings. Han Easy-Lock® spring-loaded levers allow rugged and reliable connect and disconnect operation. The Han-Modular® flexible mixed insert design concept allows integrated Video, Audio and Data (Ethernet) signal transfer in one compact connector housing, if required. A range of cable glands is available and threaded entry areas can accommodate standard conduit fittings to maintain IP 65 if separate mixed cables are used.


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