Industrial Fiber Optics has achieved certification as an ISO 9001-2008 company for the design and manufacture of fiber optic patch cords, assemblies and sensor solutions.

This certification means that Industrial Fiber Optics has met the stringent requirements of ISO 9001 with regard to product design processes, manufacturing procedures and customer service for all products and engineering services that we provide. Our adherence to these requirements ensures that we can provide the highest level of quality and customer satisfaction, understanding customer requirements and then meeting or exceeding them.

Every member of Industrial Fiber Optics’ management, manufacturing and office staff teamed up to elevate our existing compliance with ISO 9001 into this certification. Their contributions to the effort instilled in them the confirmation that they are all active participants in our pursuit of highest quality and continual improvement. The quality objectives Industrial Fiber Optics has been operating under for years have now been formulated into a clear and concise Quality Policy that everyone in our organization can proudly explain and execute. Our Quality Policy is as follows:

Industrial Fiber Optics is an Arizona-registered corporation that has been in business for 16 years. Industrial Fiber Optics will conform to requirements that meet or exceed our customers’ needs with commitment from the highest level of management. We will continually improve customer satisfaction and company profitability, using suitable review metrics to track performance and trends. We will ensure the health, safety and fulfillment of our employees while working responsibly with regard to the natural environment and the community.

Acknowledged worldwide as the most universal standard in quality, certification in accord with ISO 9001-2008 is an assurance to anyone, anywhere in the world, that Industrial Fiber Optics products are designed and manufactured by a quality managed organization. Everything we do that affects the quality of our products or our relationships with our customers is performed in accordance with ISO 9001 guidelines. We have documented procedures and processes in place that meet global standards and expectations, and they assure our customers that we perform regular exercises in continual improvement, including corrective and preventive action, internal audit and management review processes.


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