ILLUMRA Wireless Valve Actuator Reduces Heating Costs

A new, multi-function wireless valve actuator that can be integrated with building automation systems, through an existing building control gateway, will be available in the US and Canada on February 1, 2011, announced Jan Finlinson, President of ILLUMRA. The Wireless M3 Valve Actuator is designed for use on continuous closed-loop control systems and communicates based on EnOcean technology. ILLUMRA, the premier supplier of self-powered wireless lighting and HVAC controls in North America, is the exclusive distributor of the Wireless M3 Valve Actuator in the US and Canada.

The new wireless valve actuator is produced by Kieback & Peter, the 84-year old German-based, family-owned company. Kieback & Peter is one of the leading providers of the European market’s building automation systems. “We are pleased to launch our wireless valve actuator in the US through ILLUMRA. Their proven track record of experience in energy efficiency systems integration and training makes them the ideal, value-added partner for our business in the US and Canada, “ said Hans Symanczik, Kieback & Peter’s GmbH & Co., Sales & Marketing Management.

“ILLUMRA’s Wireless M3 Valve Actuator is revolutionary,” explained Finlinson. “Now you can control temperature settings within your entire building or individual rooms with intelligent devices.” The ILLUMRA Wireless M3 Valve Actuator, named for its three-in-one functionality, exceeds the scope of traditional actuators. Its ability to integrate into complex automation systems and serve as a self-sufficient room controller opens up new possibilities in room automation, added Finlinson.

According to Finlinson, the device is easy to install since it does not require installation of traditional wiring. In retrofits, the installation can be completed without disrupting or affecting existing building systems.

The ILLUMRA Wireless M3 Valve Actuator will make opening windows to control excessive heat a thing of the past. Aging radiator actuators and outdated heating system designs cannot effectively control heat supply and opening windows became the quick fix to overheating. That solution has been the bane of many high-rise commercial building owners who face escalating fuel costs each season. “Our Wireless M3 Valve Actuator provides building owners and property managers with an integrated energy efficiency system that provide excellent ROI on initial product and installation costs within an average 2 year period. Reduced Maintenance Costs. Maintenance is a seamless process based on battery replacement every three years. Battery status information is reported through the building automation system. “The potential of ILLUMRA’s Wireless M3 Actuator to reduce building heating costs in both retrofit and new construction applications is an invaluable tool for owners, builders and contractors,” said Finlinson.


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