IDT RapidIO® Gen2 Switches Provide Foundation for Prodrive’s Award-winning RapidIO ATCA System Software

Integrated Device Technology, Inc. (IDT®) (NASDAQ: IDTI), the Analog and Digital Company™ delivering essential mixed-signal semiconductor solutions, today announced that its RapidIO® Gen 2 switches provide the interconnect protocol foundation for Prodrive’s award winning RapidIO ATCA system software. The features and performance of the IDT 80HCPS1848 and 80HCPS1616 enabled Prodrive to capture the ‘best of show’ award at the 2012 ATCA Summit.

Serial RapidIO (S-RIO) is a high-throughput, low-latency interconnect protocol optimized for embedded systems. Unlike Ethernet protocols that are optimized for LAN and WAN applications, RapidIO minimizes overhead through packet header and payload size optimization, resulting in 95 percent protocol efficiency for 256 byte payloads common to embedded systems. RapidIO lane rates of 6.25 Gbaud deliver 20 Gbps of performance per four-lane link – more than twice the performance of 10 GbE solutions. In addition, IDT’s RapidIO Gen 2 switches offer key features and performance advantages that provide an unparalleled foundation for the development of powerful embedded system diagnostic tools. Such features include hardware error recovery, repeated port write for hotswap, and designated registers for improved real-time diagnostics at the application level. The combination of the RapidIO hardware platform and Prodrive’s award-winning software tools provide the reliability and system performance advantages essential to servicing Prodrive’s customer base in industrial, military, imaging, and high-performance computing markets.

“The innovative switching platform from IDT along with the inherent features of RapidIO enable us to deliver this award-winning software,” said Pieter Janssen, CEO at Prodrive. “Specifically designed for the ATCA market, our products offer customers the end-to-end system reliability they require for mission critical applications, such as semiconductor manufacturing, where any down time can result in lost revenue. Our successes with IDT’s RapidIO solutions are a testament to the value they bring to the embedded interconnect market.”

“We are pleased to see Prodrive use our RapidIO switches to develop award-winning products,” said Tom Sparkman, vice president of the Communications Division at IDT. “Prodrive’s selection of IDT’s RapidIO products is an affirmation of our superior product performance, scalability, and reliability in embedded applications. This is another example of RapidIO’s continued growth beyond wireless base stations into other performance-driven markets where its protocol advantages in peer-to-peer networks are critical success factors.”

The IDT 80HCPS1848 and 80HCPS1616 (used by Prodrive) belong to IDT’s industry-leading portfolio of RapidIO switch and bridge offerings. IDT provides a wide selection of port and lane count devices that allow customers to tailor their switch selection to the application.


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