Updated Atmel XMEGA AVR - PDI Programming Support for Production

Equinox Technologies are pleased to announce updated high-speed In-System Programming (ISP) support for the Atmel XMEGA AVR microcontroller family on our range of 'ISPnano Series 3' production ISP programmers. The XMEGA devices are programmed via their 2-wire 'PDI programming interface' which yields allows the devices to be programmed without using any user I/O pins.

The updated XMEGA support includes the following new features:
  •     The RSTDISBL, JTAGEN and SUT0..1 fuses can now be programmed in both EDS and standalone mode without having to manually reset cycle the target XMEGA device.
To upgrade your existing programmer to support XMEGA AVR microcontrollers
  •     Download and install EQTools Build 2613 or above
  •     Upgrade your programmer firmware to version 6.18 or above
The XMEGA AVR microcontrollers are only supported on the following Equinox programmers:
  •     ISPnano Series 3 -  Production ISP programmer
  •     ISPnano Series 3 ATE -  Production ISP programmer with RELAY isolation
  •     ISPjuno - Portable ISP Programmer (coming soon)


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