Finisar Demonstrates Industry's First 2-Slot ROADM Linecard for Next-Generation Telecom Networks at ECOC 2012

Finisar Corporation (NASDAQ: FNSR) today announced a demonstration of the industry's first densely packaged 2x1xN two-slot ROADM linecard with Flexgrid™ capabilities. The highly integrated ROADM linecard features a high port-count Flexgrid™ Wavelength Selective Switch (WSS) and a high speed parallel scanning Flexgrid™ Optical Channel Monitor (OCM). The ROADM linecard will be used primarily for route and select architectures in core or metro telecom networks to improve system performance. The demonstration will take place this week by appointment in Finisar's booth #500 at the ECOC exhibition in Amsterdam.

Compared to other solutions, the ROADM linecard's compact design improves system performance and reduces overall power consumption while allowing carriers to increase transmission faceplate density. ROADM linecard features include hitless channel expansion and contraction to accommodate changes in traffic patterns, which may be initiated by the carrier, such as switching from a 100 Gb/s data stream to a super-channel data stream.

This demonstration also showcases Finisar's ROADM linecard design services. Leveraging Finisar's proprietary Flexgrid™ technology, the design services team focuses on providing high-performance customized solutions for telecom OEMs. In particular, emphasis is placed on designing slim and compact linecards that reduce the number of chassis slots required in a given application.

"We are pleased to see that Finisar is continuing to focus on innovating superior telecom products based on Flexgrid technology, which will enable carrier networks to meet next-generation performance requirements in the years to come," said Glenn Wellbrock, Director of Optical Transport, Network Architecture, and Design at Verizon.

"This demonstration is a testament to our Linecard Design Team's ability to package next-generation ROADM technologies into condensed configurations," said Massimo Di Blasio, Product Line Director at Finisar. "Our designs enable OEM customers to offer more compact linecards requiring fewer chassis slots than traditional approaches. This results in more open slots for revenue-generating transceiver and transponder cards."


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