Adidas Launches the Next Generation of Football Innovation, Wireless Connection by ANT+

Now athletes can record their game and/or practice performance without the need for a watch or other data collection device. Thanks to adidas and the technology and design expertise from Dynastream and ANT+, athletes can simply attach their adidas miCoach Speed_Cell to their shoe and automatically record their game data for post-game analysis. This revolutionary device is now available with adidas smartphone applications for Soccer, Basketball, Tennis and Running, with additional sports to come.

With the introduction of the Speed_Cell in 2011, Dynastream achieved yet another industry first with its SpeedMax speed and distance monitor (SDM) technology. With the Speed_Cell, Dynastream has extended its target customer base to include field and court sports. It's all possible with the implementation of Dynastream’s new algorithms which are designed to achieve highly accurate monitoring of speeds and distances in competitive team sports. This technology is particularly effective where a player’s motion is typically multi-directional and very bursty. This enhancement was coupled with on-board data logging which allows for the data to be collected right on the foot pod.

The Speed_Cell utilizes the interoperable ANT+ standard for real time monitoring with any ANT+ receiver that supports the SDM profile. In addition, the Speed_Cell utilizes the file transfer protocol ANT-FS to enable post-session data file downloads to display units and/or internet applications.

Dynastream Innovations is the leading developer and manufacturer of precise Speed and Distance Monitors (SDMs) for athletes. These devices utilize MEMS (Microelectromechanical Systems) accelerometers and wireless communications to allow the user’s motion to be calculated and communicated in real time. This patented “SpeedMax” sensor was the first true gait analysis tool that could be used outside the laboratory. Since 2000, Dynastream has developed over a dozen foot pod products for different customers and SpeedMax has become established as the industry recognized standard for non-GPS speed and distance monitoring for the competitive and fitness running segments.


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