Wondering what is a NavCoder?

A NavCoder is a three-in-one human interface device that combines a joystick, an optical encoder and a pushbutton on a single shaft to provide directional and rotational control. Grayhill's new Series 60AR is the world's toughest NavCoder with an IP67 seal; and the only one built to withstand harsh use and abuse in outdoor, exposed applications.

Series 60AR builds upon the technology in Grayhill's standard NavCoders, which have been widely deployed in automotive and avionics applications. Typically used to navigate through on-screen menus, NavCoders function as the human interface to on-board systems such as navigation, climate control and infotainment. Now, 60AR provides the same intuitive human interface in exposed applications, as on boats, agricultural implements and open-cab construction equipment. Besides vehicles, Series 60AR is the ideal interface for military robots and portable medical electronics.

Integrating three interface technologies, Series 60AR also improves operator safety by navigating, scrolling and selecting options with very little hand movement. The joystick manipulates a cursor in eight directions; the optical encoder facilitates sequential scrolling through menu options; and the pushbutton performs on-screen menu selects. Further, these tasks are achieved without changing controls so the operator can focus on the task at hand, instead of the interface device.

Series 60AR is engineered around an encoder with optically coupled two bit digital output, resulting in a longer operational life compared to traditional position sensing products. It delivers 1,000,000 rotational cycles and pushbutton actuations. Grayhill's proven technology and quality systems ensure superior performance with minimized costs. Termination options include pins, stripped cable and a cable/connector assembly. Like all Grayhill products, the 60AR may also be customized to modify shaft length, rotational torque, tactile feel, or other key features.


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